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Fresh Peppers

1-Gallon Pail
Rounded gallon pail with a gasketed lid: VPI uses the best polypro buckets when having their products hot filled in order to insure an excellent seal. 150 pails per pallet.
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55-Gallon Drum
55-gallon plastic drums: Our drums are sterilized and then multi lined with heavy mil bags before our brined peppers are packed. 4 drums per pallet. >>Product Options

#10 Metal Cans
This proven package allows our packer to retort properly. 56 cases per pallet.

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Soft Pouch
This pouch was designed to hold the same amount of product as our #10 cans. The pouch is hot filled and packed 6 per case. 56 cases per pallet. >>Product Options

#10 5-Gallon Pail
5-gallon polypro pails with handles: only 90 mil plus material, along with our flowed in gasket lid insure the highest quality when having our peppers packed. 36 pails per pallet.

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Single Serve Pouches
We now have the ability to provide all kinds of presentation in a Single Serve Pouch, nitrogen flushed. We will be able to do private labeled film along with our stock pack. >>Product Options