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About Vollmer Products

Vollmer Products International was established in 1986 to import a variety of peppers and spices in fresh, brined, both block frozen and IQF from Mexico. Today, that same idea has expanded into Columbia and Peru.

In 1986, Vollmer Products imported peppers in #10 cans and through innovative planning and research, VPI entered into the new packaging concept of packing peppers in a pouch in the year 2000. VPI recognizes its customers’ different packaging needs, thus offering single-shot packs, 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, as well as tank trucks.

Vollmer Products offers strength in knowledge and resourcing and the desire for forward growth to accommodate its customer base including, but not limited to, dried spice industry, I.Q.F. from Mexico, Columbia and Peru and a recent partnership with a major palm oil manufacturer.

VPI takes its product from seed to a finished product to the customer’s door. All processing facilities meet the high standards required by HACCP, FDA, Third Party Audits, U.S. Customs, with all facilities Kosher Certified.

VPI is a supplier to major Foodservice companies and Industrial Ingredient Manufacturers for the United States and Canada and a proud member of the Texas Food Processors Association, National Restaurant and Texas Restaurant Association, Research Chefs Association and IFT, P.A.C.A. License #20130613.

We invite you to be a customer of Vollmer Products and experience unprecedented resourcing and personalized customer support from seed to door.

      Brined Peppers & Tomatillos   Dried, Crushed Peppers, Pepper Powders  
Fresh & Fresh-Frozen Peppers
Fresh & Fresh-Frozen Peppers Brined Peppers & Tomatillos Dried, Crushed Peppers, Pepper Powders