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Fresh Peppers

Fresh Peppers
VPI has the ability to grow all varieties of Jalapeno, from NO HEAT to HOT, as well as other items like Tomatillo.
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Dried Peppers
VPI has the ability to supply almost every kind of dehydrated peppers in all kinds of presentations, such as Flakes, Crushed or Powder.
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Pepper Powder
Peppers can be processed in either Flake, Crushed or Powder form.

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Brined Products
VPI has processed peppers in whole, slices, strips, and various diced sizes. Packaging starts with one pepper, per pack, up to 55-gallon drums or totes.
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Tomatillos are packed for VPI in #10 cans and 5-gallon pails. These tomatillos are available in wholes or crushed.
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From our Partners in Mexico we can supply all presentations such as diced or strips in all kinds of peppers as well as other products.
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